I was born and raised in کراچی، پاکستان (aka روشنیوں کا شہر - “City of Lights”, except for the loadshedding hours). I went to the سلطان محمد شاہ آغا خان سکول for most of my elementary school and then transferred to the بیکن ہاؤس اسکول where I finished my high school diploma. In 2013, I moved to Vancouver, Canada and enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program at UBC. In 2015, I was part of the Octahedronli (aka Cubli 2.0) and Flying Platform project at Institut für Dynamische Systeme und Regelungstechnik, ETH Zürich. Summer 2016, I had a fling with the PR2 at CARIS-UBC, while working on the HMI Project. During most of 2017, I helped out Natel develop their controls platform. I graduated in 2018 with a specialization in Mechatronics. Since then I have helped the engineering team at BMT with giving analytical superpowers (JK - just payload detection and terrain vision) to heavy mining machinery. I was then briefly part of the early engineering team at a cybersecurity startup Systèmes Virgile where I helped prototype their proprietary p2p data integrity network. After that I spent some time hacking away with the folks at Grafana. I briefly also served on some of the faculty boards at the Instituto Global de Tecnología Zigurat, right on the edge of the Iberian peninsula in Barcelona, ​​España. I was also actively involved in the growing early-stage technology ecosystem, helping founders and startups across the globe, by contributing to communities such as the Hustle Fund and OnDeck. I like to program, design, hack and break systems, well and I like blogging about such instances too. I like writing and am a big fan of poetry.