Everyday Titans

The idea for this podcast show popped up when I was constantly finding myself in passionate discussions with some of my friends and roommates about leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world and how they got to where they are today. More importantly what I realized was that every friend involved in those discussion was looking for some sort of relatable incidence, act, moment in that persons’ life to get a bit of inspiration for their own journey in life.

Another important observation that I made is that the media is filled with stories of people who have already gone through that stage of their life where they had to prove themselves, had lots of struggles (not to say that they don’t now), and were uncertain of their own future in some sense. Also the media never talks about the people who are successful in their own ways (not just by a measure of wealth), and most of the stories are focused on the good things and overlook the struggles.

I believe that the real inspiration lie within the journey itself. And more importantly it is sometimes the little moments within one’s life that end up taking them towards their end goal whatever that maybe. Which means that there is a lot to learn from people all around us in everyday walks of life who are living this journey.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” -Drake



On this show, Atif Ali interviews entrepreneurs, artists, makers, activists and leaders within our communities. The focus is on getting to know their stories and journeys so far, in the quest to providing some meaningful and relatable inspiration, because we believe that inspiration is all around us and we all can be Everyday Titans.


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